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You can loop video or insert it into your YouTube playlist. What’s more, Coub can replace YouTube’s thumbnail creation feature. From here you can upload any image you want, automatically adjust the size of the video to match the image and replace the original thumbnail. This is really easy to use and can save you a lot of time and trouble. Easily create a Facebook advertising campaign. Within your account page, you can drag and drop images to create an ad. You can even set a specific size, add a text, an image and text link. The Facebook ad creation process is straightforward. You can also add a headline and a description to enhance your ad’s appearance. Once you are done, you can create a new ad to see the results. You can even use this feature to create a link to your website, or a downloadable file like an Excel or PDF. Easily create an email campaign. This handy tool is similar to Facebook’s, except for some key differences. First, this tool is more specific. It can build a comprehensive email template, complete with headings and appropriate images. These templates are great for business, personal and any other kind of mail. On top of that, you can create an email for any purpose. You can use it to introduce a new service, promote your business, or sell something. From here you can customize the subject line, add a personal message, send to a specific email address and more. Easily create a giveaway. This tool is useful when you want to promote your product or service. You can create a giveaway with a minimum product quantity and an expiration date. After you create the giveaway, you can set the giveaway to expire in X days, weeks, months, and years. You can even manage the amount of the giveaway and choose to ship to a specific address. When your giveaway ends, you can choose to email or SMS the winner. You can also add a personalized message to encourage more entries. All these customizations come together to create a great giveaway. What’s more, this tool allows you to create giveaways for different types of giveaways. Whether you are looking to promote products, services, or promote yourself, this tool can help you create great giveaways. When you want to create a professional looking email, you can make use of Kajabi’s drag-and-drop tools. To create a




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Mmpi 2 Panda Di Paolo Pancheri E Dario De Fidio 99

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